sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

Sleek Blush Palette - Lace

Hi Guys !
So one of my New Year resolutions is to start blogging again and so here I am !

Today I have a review of the Sleek Blush by 3 palette in Lace.

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

My Youtube Channel !!

Woahh ! It's been ages !
First off, Happy New Year !

How's everyone doin ? Good ? Good. Well since I've been gone quite a few things have happened. I sat some of my A level exams, bought a lot of makeup, bought some proper storage for my makeup (Muji FTW) and most importantly, I STARTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL. 

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viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

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sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

Lush Review : Angels on Bare Skin Vs. Aqua Marina

So you may know,from my last blog entry that I had super dry skin, now its a bit more manageable thanks to quite a few different products. The Lush cleansers played a huge role into getting my skin to where it is now.
The very first one that I tried was the Angels On Bare Skin cleanser. It claims to deep cleanse with the kaolin clay base and gently exfoliate with ground almonds. Its meant for all skin types, I don't know how true that is, as it turned my super crackly dry skin into heaven with a bunch of oils, so I can't imagine it being that amazing for people with oily skin. That being said, if you have combination to dry skin, this is for you.
After the first use my skin was so supple and soft and very smooth, no flakes of dry skin. By the end of the week, I had forgotten what dry skin felt like, because I surely didn't have it. :)
One thing that really annoyed me about this is, its very messy and finicky. If you're looking to wash your skin super quickly one late night, then this would not be what you would use. It requires some time to work it into a watery paste to use it.  The best way to get over this though, is to mix some water into the tub to begin with so that you have a paste ready to use everytime.

After I finished my first tub of AOBS, I decided I wanted to try something different, I no longer had dry skin, but I still had a lot of redness, due to my sensitive skin. When I asked the lady at my Lush store, she recommended Aquamarina as its calamine content calmed the skin down. I decided I would try it out.
Off the bat, the first thing that i noticed that I didn't like much, was the smell.
It had this very odd, sickly sweet, salty smell due to the seaweed and calamine.
Second thing was, the texture. It is so incredibly gelatinous, that I find it harder to use than the AOBS, which is a feat. Plus, with all that seaweed, I find pieces stuck to my face after I wash and dry my face.
BUT, with all that, it does work well for redness, but I don't think I'll be repurchasing this one, I'll stick to what I know works for me.

domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Hey Hey !

After searching for many many months for the perfect foundation I think I have finally found the one. Before I get onto the review, let me tell you my story. I have dry, flaky skin, skin that was impossible to match foundation to. So, on my quest to find the best foundation for me, I was looking fro a very hydrating foundation, one with a either a dewy or satin finish so as not to emphasize the flakiness of my skin. But I thought first, that maybe i should invest in a really good moisturizer and nourish my skin first so that I can then find the perfect foundation. 
After using Benefit's Total Moisture cream for like a month, my skin is much more hydrated and no longer flaky.
So the two foundations that my search came up with, were the MAC Face&Body and Bourjois Healthy Mix.
So The MAC foundation met my criteria of dewy and hydrating but besides the price, another con was the coverage was super sheer. So that ruled it out.
Then I tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix and loved it. 

This first off, was way cheaper than the MAC. It is dewy, hydrating and offers medium coverage that is easily build able. The reason I think it is easily build able, is because it dries quite fast. It gives you enough time to work it in, and dries off almost instantly after buffing in. This makes it ideal for building up coverage as you don't have to wait for the first application to dry for too long.
I apply it with a stippling brush, similar to a MAC 187, using stippling motions, not necessarily buffing it in. It gives me great coverage with a very nice dewy finish and it is super light on the skin. You do however need a powder to top it off or a primer underneath so that it lasts long. The company claims that it lasts for 16 hours but on me, without a primer, I find that it slides a bit after a couple of hours.
IN general though, a great foundation that I will definitely be repurchasing.  
Teenager Out !

HAULAGE : Coastal Scents Original 88 Palette

So I recently joined the hype and bought the 88 original palette and I must say..... I LOVE IT.
I mean look at all these beautiful colours ! How could I not love it ?

I'm  so glad I bought this.
It's great for colourful looks, if you don't want to purchase single colourful eyeshadows that you won't use that often as it has a great variety of different colours including nudes.
The finishes vary from matte to shimmer,and are ridiculously pigmented for such a great price.
If you are a beginner at makeup this is a must as it contains such a wide variety of colours that can create and endless number of looks, with a great price tag.

Just look at that pigmentation !
The palette goes for $18.95 for 88 colours, which, if you ask me, is a bargain.
Teenager Out ! 

Beauty Cravings !

Picture this.
I was doing some window shopping yesterday when I walk into Douglas (a European 'Sephora' type of store)  and as I'm looking around, I spot what may be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
So, Guerlain has its amazing Terracotta line full of bronzers, highlighters and all things summery. Its new Sun In The City collection is nothing less than a showstopper.
So as I'm there, staring at the products, wondering how much of my life I'd have to sell to afford the products, I see the most beautiful product ever.
Behold, The Sun In The City Illuminating Powder.

(Photo courtesy of Temptalia)
Isn't it a beaut ?
Sadly, I do not have any swatches to show you as I do not OWN this majestic powder YET.
It will be mine someday.
I did swatch it in the store yesterday, and it is a beautiful true golden colour. I usually don't go for powder highlighters as they are more often than not, super shimmery and you end up looking like something out of Twilight . So I was skeptical when I first saw this. The great thing about this is though, it is shimmery, but the shimmers are so finely milled that, when applied onto the skin, it just gives a gorgeous 'halo' type glow.
Up till yesterday I was saving up for BeneFit's Sun Beam, but now, it seems that I'm going to have to wait a little longer to save up for it. But I mean....Its worth it :D
Teenager Out !